We provide valuation services for all purposes

At Bayutech Properties we are fully aware that independent and accurate valuations are fundamental to the property market and form the basis of assessing suitability for loan security and lending criteria, risk management, debt recovery, performance analysis, maximization of value, purchase and sale advice and third party reliance. As such, our valuation advisory team offers prompt, accurate and professional valuation services in accordance with internationally recognized standards.

We provide valuation services for all purposes including:
Portfolio Valuations for institutional property investors, property companies and corporate organizations
Secured Lending and Securitization-Related Valuations
Insurance Valuations providing coverage of all asset classes
Commercial Valuations for investment management, bank lending, acquisition and divestment
Residential Valuations for bank lending and acquisition
Specialist Valuations of properties for trading potential assessment
Specialist valuation services covering marine, aviation and rail line
Corporate Valuations of owner-occupied properties for asset enhancement and financial statements
Retail Valuations of shopping centers
Valuation of Development Assets from master planned city projects to single development plots
Advice in relation to debt recovery.

N.B – We have a valuation verification platform which authenticates our valuation service.

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